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Commercial Pallets

Working with the USAF Battle Lab, leading industry experts of Thermo-kinetically Compounded, Commingled Recycled Plastics Technologies, our pallets have been developed to replace solid wood packaging materials and meet the stringent requirements for these international shipments.

Each of our pallets are commercially available and are 100% compliant with the Phytosanitary International Standards for International shipment packaging. Our pallets are a direct replacement for 40 X 48 standard wooden pallets and therefore reduce the cost of shipping products internationally. Our shipping pallets are available as the top portion or "Skid" for lighter weight shipments or as a 4500 lb rated pallet with the addition of the pallet intersecting base attached.

Commercial Pallet Specifications:
40 X 48 Pallet, 4500 Lbs Rated
Archer P/N 2003-09-002
NSN: 8140-01-522-2990

Please Click On Photos For Larger Version

40 in. X 48 in. Pallet With Corresponding Base
4 Way Entry Pallet, Chambered Edge for Fork Lift

40 in. X 48 in. Pallet View From Bottom Of Base
Runners aligned For Automated Handling Equipment

Pallet Top, Leg to Base Intersecting Alignment Pin Hole

Pallet Base, Leg To Top Intersecting Alignment Pin
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